Tapui Baja Series Rooftop Tents

Posted: December 23, 2016
Tapui Baja Series Rooftop Tents
$1,150 - $1,650
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Car camping. Rooftop car camping with a Tapui Baja Series rack-attached tent. Now that the shortest day of the year is gone, it's like summer is just around the corner. At least that's what I'm going to spend all of January pretending as I accumulate piles and piles of new gear I won't be able to use for another 4 months.

The Baja Series tents have universal mounting brackets that allow them to attach to most roof racks or after-market roof bars. A Zipper Gimp secures the canopy to the tent base, and canopies come in mesh shade and lightweight nylon rip-stop styles for hot, humid weather and cooler spring conditions respectively. Tapui also sells a aluminized canopy for less pristine conditions.

Baja Series installations also come with an 8'6" telescoping ladder that should accommodate most vehicle heights. Tapui has 3 sizes in the Series: the Ayer, with a 2-person sleeping capacity; the Kukenam for 3; and the XL for 4.

All Baja tents have: an A-frame design to support overhead clearance (you should be able to sit up fully inside); tight no-see-um mosquito netting in all windows and doors; and a 2-1/2� high density foam mattress.

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