TAXA TigerMoth Trailer

Posted: February 12, 2017
TAXA TigerMoth Trailer

Pack away your winter blues in the TAXA TigerMoth adventure trailer's roof rack system, tongue-mounted toolbox, front cargo step, and roof cargo deck. Still cold, snowed-in, and melancholy? The camper has even more room to suck up seasonal affective disorder on the inside with NASA-inspired ceiling and wall tie-down points, 14.6 cubic feet of under-bed storage, and another 5.3 cubic feet in a pull-out drawer. Even better, once loaded up with all of your baggage--literal and figurative alike--the TigerMoth's built-in electrical and solar systems are designed to keep you trekking for 7+ days off the grid.

The TigerMoth represents TAXA's effort to produce a camper lightweight and rugged enough for towing by many 4-cylinder vehicles. In addition to a dry weight of just 900 pounds, the trailer has an aerodynamic, rather than a box, profile to reduce drag and up vehicle efficiency. It also provides 12" of ground clearance thanks to 15" radial tires and torsion axle. For off-grid performance the TigerMoth has built-in electrical, LED lights, 12V outlets, water, and optional solar panels.

TAXA makes TigerMoth Camp and TigerMoth Trek models, each customizable with various options, and sold through dealers nationwide. Starting price for the trailers is $13,000.

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