Tvan Off-Road Camper Trailer

Posted: July 30, 2017
Tvan Offroad Camper Trailer

This is Tvan, and if you're barreling through dirt and rocks with one of the off-road camper trailers bounding along behind you, then you're Tman. The Man. The one who's got the beauty and freedom of the path less traveled ahead of him, and the military grade MC2 Suspension to support going down it out back.

The Tvan MK5 is the latest Tvan Camper Trailer release from Australian recreational vehicle company Track Trailer. Originally launched in 2000, the Tvan's off-road power and wicked look put it on the RV map, and it's been rolling through the outback, picking up various performance awards along the way, ever since. The MK5 stays true to the rugged, compact, easy-to-use foundation of the design, but adds a slew of upgrades to the MK4's body panels, electrics, sleeping quarters, and kitchen variants.

One of the Tvan's primary bragging points is its sleeping space. The Camper Trailer allows for sleeping on a queen-size mattress, and under a hard roof with walls - no flapping canvas - that provide protection from weather and bugs, plus noise insulation. You can also double your living space by deploying the stored tent, which adds some "flapping canvas" but is attached to a fold-out hard floor to keep you dry and off the ground.

The Tvan MK5 also has:

  • A taller roof throughout the bed / living space that can accommodate a 120W solar upgrade on top.
  • A Skyward Lift-Up Deck that allows you lift up the deck of the Tvan with the hatch for access to the rear of the trailer.
  • A Quick Cover awning that deploys in 2 minutes and provides coverage over the kitchen, front box, and side of the Tvan.
  • 30-second setup if you're not using the tent, 5-minute setup if you are. The tent is stowed away in the rear hatch of the van, not on the bed, so if you just want to snooze on the mattress, all you need to do is unlock its 4 center catches, fold down the deck, and release a gas strut assisted hitch. To expand your space and set up the tent, you can level the van, lower the tent, attach the floor and mouth to the body of the van, and install the internal upright poles in around 5 minutes.

Tvans have a hot dipped galvanised chassis, riveted steel and aluminum cabin and lower body locker construction, an aluminum rear folding platform, off-road electric brakes, and fully articulated off-road coupling. To start. The rest of the Tvan specs, options, and accessories are buyer's choice.

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