Den DIY Cabin Kit

Posted: June 18, 2021
Den DIY Cabin Kit
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Den frames - no A-frames - their DIY Cabin Kits like this: "You're truly only limited by how far you want to transport building materials into the woods." In other words, you can build this 115-square-foot tiny cabin anywhere, on-grid or off, your backyard or the backside of a mountaintop, as long as you're willing to schlep the kit out there. Get your mulin' bones, and the dudes who owe you for helping them move over the years, ready.

Arriving as a flat-pack kit, the Den Cabin stands out not just for its pleasing aesthetic, but for Den's promise that they've created a structure that can be fully assembled in as little as 3 days. No heavy equipment is required - all parts are transportable by hand (i.e., mulin' bones). No special tools are necessary - Den A-frames have pre-drilled holes for easy bolting using standard tools. Plus, Den includes everything down to the cabin door hardware with purchases, so you won't have to hike 30 miles to the Lowe's when you realize you don't have hinges.

Completed Den Cabins stand 12' tall, with 11' high ceilings. They have room enough for a king, queen, or 2 twin beds to look out their floor-to-ceiling windows. Some of the windows are operable, and there's an air inlet vent, along with thermally insulated floors and walls. I would name my Den Cabin Isosceles, because I'm clever like that.

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