Disc-O-Bed Bunkable Cot & Bench

Posted: August 07, 2023
Disc-O-Bed Bunkable Cot & Bench
$379.99 - $399.99
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Lady Gaga said it best: Let's have some fun, these bunks are rad / I wanna take a ride on your Disc-O-Bed. ... Though maybe I don't, because even though Disc-O-Bed convertible bunkable cots are kinda cool, in none of their versatile configurations do they seem to lend themselves well to riding anything. Even with a 500-pound weight tolerance apiece. Perhaps leave the playing of Love Games to the true beds and benches out there, and let the Disc-O-Bed just help elevate your experience sleeping and relaxing outdoors.

Disc-O-Beds pack down into a pair of handled carry bags (about 30 pounds apiece) for easy transport to campsites, tailgates, or anywhere you want to bunk with your buddy Cornelius, sleep side-by-side with your wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, or lean back in a bench seat with your mama to talk about all the weeding she's gonna need you to do when you get home from this camping trip.

Disc-O-Bed cot dimensions are 79" x 36" x 28". Their sleeping decks are made of polyester, and fitted over a frame with no middle brace, so you won't need a mattress or additional padding to sleep on them.

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