Dual Splash Inflatable Racing Water Slide

Posted: June 20, 2023
Dual Splash Inflatable Racing Water Slide
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I guess the Dual Splash Inflatable Racing Water Slide is definitely, and unfortunately, a kiddie water toy for the backyard. At a mere 33.7' long, there's no way you and your friend Cornelius are going to be able to conduct much of a race down the slide. And also, you'd probably pop it.

No, wait, maker Sunny & Fun claims the Dual Splash has a weight capacity of up to 460 pounds, so maybe not. And if you made Dual Splash Water Slide just one station of a whole obstacle course, which might also include stations Viper Zip Line, Indo Trick Trampoline Scooter, and Boobs Ice Luge, its unimpressive length might not disqualify it from the competition after all.

In addition to a pair of slippery slides the Dual Splash features climbing walls, splash down pools at the bottom of each run, and 4 shower heads that maintain a continuous spray. An air pump for inflation in minutes is included with the water slide.

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