Fatboy Jolly Trolley

Posted: April 06, 2023
Fatboy Jolly Trolley
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Of course Fatboy would make a trolley and call it the Jolly Trolley. Because Fatboys are jolly. Santy Claus. Buddha. The Pillsbury Doughboy. Plus, a few drinks and snacks from this indoor / outdoor bar cart and you'll be a little more jolly, and probably a little closer to a Fatboy, too.

Teetotaling or watching your fat-o-meter? Just fill the Jolly Trolley with sparkling water, healthy snacks, and maybe even a plant or two to increase the trolley's jolliness, or perhaps compensate for the jolliness you sacrificed by not filling the trolley with buzzy booze and tasty shark coochie boards. You could even use it as a potting table instead, eliminating the food and drink temptations, and focusing your efforts on developing healthier hobbies, such as gardening or growing weed.

The upper level of the Jolly Trolley has a removable tray and vertical assistance handle for smooth steering. Also highlighting the bar cart is some high lighting, an overhead dimmable LED lamp that looks like an old timey streetlight, The lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Fatboy makes their Jolly Trolleys in 3 colors: Light Grey: Dark Sage; and Tangerine.

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