Floating Dock with Water Hammock

Posted: May 23, 2018
Floating Deck with Hammock
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A floating dock split in the center by a water hammock? Oh hell yeah. I don't even have anywhere to float them, but I'll take two, please. Think the airline will accept them as oversize luggage on me and She-Ra: Princess of Power's honeymoon? We're going to the world's largest swimming pool.

Actually, checking a Floating Dock with Hammock as oversize might not even be necessary. The platform seems unwaveringly rigid to me, but seller Frontgate says it's inflatable, and comes with a storage bag for transport, and rides on the baggage carousel. The dock's in-water hammock is a perfect 4' square of...something. Not rope or mesh. The bottom of the hammock looks kind of like a heavy-duty black trash bag, but probably it's not. It is completely infilled though, so you'll have to dump water in and out of it if you want to soak and cool off.

The dock's platform has 7' x 7' of flat space on one side of the hammock, with enough room for a cooler, beach bag, towel, and waterproof speaker. The other side of the dock can hold your friend Cornelius on its 3' x 7' of space.

Floating Docks have easy-grip handles on top for pulling yourself onto them, plus handles and stainless steel rings on the sides for moving and tethering a dock to the back of a boat.

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