Floating Picnic Table

Posted: June 25, 2019
Floating Picnic Table
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She drank a glass of rose last night, and wants to go on a picnic. You drank...who even knows?...last night and want to float comatose and hungover on a raft in the lake. Oh hey, a Floating Picnic Table. Everyone gets what they want.

And here's my list of the best hangover cures to solve your other problem.

The Floating Picnic Table is a Rhino Building Products design for leveling up your next experience at the lake, pool, or beach. The table seats 4, and has been float tested to support up to 600 pounds without sinking or cap-sizing. Rhino Building Products is mum on the material specifics of how they make the Floating Picnic Table, but whatever it is, it's pretty lightweight - the finished product weighs just 65 pounds, spread over a length of 96", width of 60", and height of 20". Naturally, the table is also finished in a waterproof coating.

Floating Picnic flourishes include eyehooks on each end for strapping in your swim gear and cooler, and cup holders on all 4 corners.

In addition to ordering directly from Rhino Building Products, members can also get a Rhino Floating Picnic Table here from Sam's Club.

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