Flip Top Convertible BenchTable Kit

Posted: March 07, 2018
Flip Top Convertible BenchTable
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The BenchTable has a pretty clever trick. It might look like it's just chilling with the rest of the average park benches, but when you need a flat surface to eat your tacos without dripping hot sauce and meat juice all over your lap, just bend its back 90 degrees and - Oooh! Ahhh! - it flips down to become a tabletop. It's a bench, but it's also a table!

In addition to its simple conversion from seat to seat-and-surface, the Flip Top BenchTable was designed to partner up with a second BenchTable to form a full-size, 2-sided picnic table. Pretty nifty.

Not as nifty: parts and assembly, not just mouse clicking, are required if you want to own your own Flip Top BenchTable. You'll receive the all-weather frame and hardware for it, but will have to buy the 2x4s, and get comfortable with a power screwdriver, wrench, and saw to bring the BenchTable to life.

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