Flying Hawk Kite Bird Deterrent

Posted: July 06, 2023
Flying Hawk Kite Bird Deterrent
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Birds are suckaz if they're deterred by this Flying Hawk Kite. I can tell it's fake with hardly a glance, and my understanding is that birds are at least as smart as I am. Don't you know that's where the term "bird brain" comes from? It's true. My mama told me so in elementary school, when all the kids would call me, "Bird brain, bird brain!" She said, "My darling Dude, it's a compliment. Birds have big ol' brains! They're smart as a whip, and so are you!"

But this unrealistic, not to mention 2D, Flying Hawk Kite being intended for use as a bird deterrent would indicate otherwise.

The Flying Hawk Kite has a 54" wingspan and is around 31" in height. It comes with a 13' telescoping pole and 9.8' of braided wire for mounting and simulating flapping in the wind to scare the other birdies away.

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