GardenGlide Garden Tote & Transporter

Posted: May 19, 2023
GardenGlide Garden Tote & Transporter
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Yes, your kid...or your friend Cornelius...is definitely going to want to be your first haul on the GardenGlide Garden Tote & Transporter. Your Mini Me may want to sit inside the included 20-gallon red TubTrug, but Cornelius will plop his ass right down on the round sled and yell, Mush! Mush!

And you will because, hey, toting and transporting your progeny or BFF is way more fun than doing your actual chores of dragging yard trimmings and firewood to and fro. Plus, at least with Cornelius, maybe you can switch places and get a ride in yourself after he's done.

The GardenGlide Garden Tote & Transporter looks to be a more sophisticated version of the ANT Tarp I showed you earlier this year. But also a smaller dragging tool, and one you have to grip less comfortably with your hands, rather than sling cross-body over your shoulder. Both have their places, I suppose, depending on the size of your yard, quantity of work you do in it, and how much you like the color red.

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