Gardenzilla - Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome

Posted: June 01, 2014
Gardenzilla Kaiju Garden Gnome

Praying mantises and ladybugs are heralded for their ability to rid gardens of many common pests, but in my experience they're utterly useless when it comes to eradicating the front yard of smug, chubby, razor-phobic gnomes. I've tried these organic solutions. And I've also tried pesticides. I've tried tossing the gnomes out, I've tried drop-kicking them down the street, I've even tried playing a game of Gnome Whack-a-Mole with a sledgehammer. Somehow, they always come back, bellies and smirks bigger than ever. Until. Now.

The Rampaging Kaiju, or as any proud owner will come to know him, Gardenzilla, has arrived to wreak havoc on the incumbent gnomic lawn ornaments who have long overstayed their welcome. Even at only 9" tall Gardenzilla's cast poly-resin heft will stomp out and tear through their attempts to evade with charm or weasel away through overgrown hydrangeas. The Kaiju, your garden's true guardian, is here.

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