GazeBox Retractable Garage

Posted: August 06, 2015
GazeBox Accordion Garage

One guess as to which country the GazeBox hails from. A glorious transparent arc that accordions around your 6-figure sports car? Protects it in style, with pomp, and without hiding it from jealous eyes? Gotta be Italian.

MIKEA Engineering* out of Rosciano, Italy created the GazeBox to fulfill a hat trick of needs: garage; carport; and gazebo. Security, light cover, and shaded open-air brunch all in one. Iron frameworks with anti-UV polycarbonate panels provide vehicle/human protection from weather and animals, including sun, ice, and bird shit. (PS: Don't ever believe anyone who says it's good luck if a bird craps on you. Birds are vile, and they're just trying to make you feel better about the misfortune of probably having contracted some avian disease. The "lucky" one is the guy who doesn't have a runny green glob hardening to opaque white on his shoulder.)

MIKEA Engineering is also quick to point out that despite their transparence, GazeBoxes do not retain heat. They are also quick to install and easy to operate with an automatic opener. Interiors are equipped with LED lighting and a fan cooling system. Some standard GazeBox sizes are available, ranging from 563 x 300 x 254 cm (long x wide x tall) to 710 x 660 x 254 cm. MIKEA will provide custom sizes to order as well, along with the buyer's choice of color and optional graphics. Prices available upon inquiry.

Muchas danke to Uncrate.

*I might have gone with a different name for my engineering firm. The GazeBox looks hard enough to put together as is, and the last thing you want customers thinking about when buying it is the entire thing collapsing at the first gust of wind because they forgot to install one of the 1,083 screws that came in the box.

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