Hidden Water Pools

Posted: May 22, 2013

One time a couple of minutes ago I saw a patio that turned into a swimming pool! That's crazy! Almost Fletcher Capstan expandable table proportions of crazy, and definitely more in compliance with my agenda of spending the next 3 months lounging under the sun, taking the occasional dip to cool off, tossing a few sides of beef on the grill, and figuring out ways to lure ladies into my lair that don't center around my physical appearance or personality, both of which have proven to be ineffective to this point.

Hidden Water Pools has developed a series of custom-designed patios that function as normal concrete yard installations under the weight of furniture and BBQs and P. Diddy White Parties, but, at the turn of a key, descend into the earth and fill with a rush of crystalline water able to accommodate everything from wading to treadmill-style lap swimming to your very best cannonballs. Available in several round diameters--up to 18'--and two rectangular models, Hidden Water Pool depths are fully adjustable from 1" to almost 6', and install just like a traditional in-ground pool. Prices (unlisted, email with inquiries) are slightly higher than those for regular old in-ground pools to accommodate the patio pools' advanced technology, and the fact that owners will probably be able to recoup some of their investment by charging guests admission to watch the mind-blowing transformations.

In addition to multiple sizes and variable depth settings, Hidden Water Pools also have the following add-on options:

  • Swim Jets. The treadmill effect, which allows users to swim endlessly in place at adjustable speeds and resistance levels.
  • Spa. Add therapy jets for the full hot tub experience. And since the Hidden Water Pool's patio position serves as a sort of thermal blanket, it will maintain the water's temperature at a fraction of traditional spa costs.
  • Table. Whether in patio or pool mode, the adjustable height table supports eating, drinking, and, uh, other summertime shenanigans requiring an elevated flat surface.
  • Ambiance Features. Customized lighting enhance the patio-pool experience, as does the addition of a fountain.

Hidden Water Pools maintains their installations add a layer of safety to in-ground pool ownership, as well as suck up less water from the environment, and stay sanitary and pristine using fewer chemicals. That's nice too I guess.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Russ L. Thanks, Russ. I don't suppose you have a sample you could send me as well, do you?

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