Hippopotamus Lawn Ornaments

Posted: April 01, 2014
Hippopotamus Lawn Ornament
$55.85 - $79.81
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This is possibly the only lawn ornament that could increase both your property value and your popularity with the neighbors. Brit Martin Pool creates his hippopotamus garden sculptures in Daddy and Jr. sizes, and has designed them to protect your lawn from encroaching zombie flamingoes, Scarface gnomes, and diarrhetic pugs either solo, or in a familial pod. A pod of hippos in my front yard! Add to Wish List, please!

Pool casts the hippo sculptures with a mixture of concrete and fine grain sand to bring out the finer details and texturing of the water-loving beasts. Bulls (or I guess they could be cows since all adult hippopotami are pretty massive) measure 22" long x 12" wide x 5" tall, and calves 17" long x 7" wide x 3" tall. Pool also recommends pairing two or three together, with the large hippo head in the front and the smaller full hippos behind it, to create a false perspective lawn installation. When viewed at a certain angle, it will appear as if the those in the back are much farther away, and smack of a hippopotamus gang you might see in the wild.

If you really want to one-up the Joneses with the Caulder mobile, team up a hippo sculpture with Pool's crocodile head and let them rule the block together.

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