Kodama Zomes Hanging Beds

Posted: January 03, 2016
Kodama Zomes Hanging Beds

It's no Bird's Nest Bed, but I would 100% take a Kodama Zome over a Lotus Belle Tent on account of the fact that it is 100 times less likely to make someone say my least favorite word of the decade: "glamping." The geodesic Zomes are all hand built in Oregon from domestically sourced materials including metal, high-strength polyester webbing, and wood. Their designs stem from the widespread patterns and proportions exhibited in nature (e.g., pinecones and sunflowers) as well as manmade art (e.g., paintings and architecture) and the company hopes anyone who buys a Kodama Zome will take advantage of its similarly widespread areas of use.

The hanging beds' hardware connectors are marine grade stainless steel and steel alloy metal support rings, so they remain strong and resistant to corrosion even when positioned on a beach in the middle of the surf for a crazy bendy and balance-on-your-head yoga session. Kodama Zomes are as comfortable in a backyard, forest, or poolside as they are in your bedroom or sweet industrial loft condo that I can't afford. Hang them from a tree limb, roof supports, or cables strung between the two, or add one of the KZ's free-standing danglers onto your order for setup in any open space.

Kodama Zome webbing supports a 4" custom-fit foam mattress and cushions, all covered in Sunbrella outdoor fabric. The beds are structurally engineered using 3D computer modeling, and have a minimum load-bearing capacity of 600 pounds. The original, standard-size Kodama Zome, The Pod, is built to hold 1 to 3 people.

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