Lawn Aerator Shoes

Posted: March 26, 2023
Lawn Aerator Shoes
$22.90 - $24.90
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My mama says she's going to get me a pair of Lawn Aerator Shoes, because when I start stomping around her house all teed off she's asking me to do even more yard work, I may as well be improving the health of her lawn at the same time. Putting my angry, childish rant to good use.

These Lawn Aerator Shoes are strap-ons, attaching to your own sneakers or similar footwear with a trio of adjustable velcro straps. The soles of the yard puncturers are made of sturdy aluminum alloy and plastic, and the 1.8" spikes jutting out from the bottom of them are strong enough to penetrate any soil type, even the hard, rocky, and sloped stuff.

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