Light 'n Go Bonfire Log

Posted: April 08, 2013
Light 'n Go Bonfire Log
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Any man with a little hair on his chest can chop wood, but how many of you care to take the time to carve snowflake patterns into your logs such that they alight more dependably and burn with greater efficiency? Light 'n Go Bonfire cuts are all natural birch stumps that have been kiln dried and carved down the middle in a pattern that stimulates flames with a single match. Suitable for indoor, outdoor patio, and roughin' it in the backwoods use, jumbo sized Bonfires crackle for over 2 hours, and standard pieces for around 1-1/2.

Once lit, Light 'n Go Bonfires function like any other fire, emanating heat, welcoming S'mores creation, and administering singed hair and 3rd degree burns to idiots who don't respect Mother Nature and her elements.

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