Loll Bee Hive

Posted: February 27, 2020
Loll Bee Hive
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Single-handedly save the honeybees from your backyard with the modern Loll Bee Hive! Or, you know, just do your own small part for the local ecosystem, plus learn how many bee stings it takes to make a grown man cry.

Loll Designs partnered with the Lake Superior Honey Co. out of Duluth, MN to upgrade the traditional residential bee hive design, making it a more contemporary, streamlined gift for your garden that's still a fully functional - and beneficial - apiary. Loll Hive features include:

  • Intuitive, sliding side and sliding floor ventilation.
  • A lockable flat, channeled roof with weather-resistant overhang
  • Tall legs for more human-sized beekeeper ergonomics
  • Five spiffy colors, ranging from muted, blendable gray and white to nature-emulating Sky Blue, Leaf Green, and Sunset Orange.

The Loll Bee Hive uses off-the-shelf 9-1/8" wood frames, and has an internal separator beekeeper's can move as their colonies grow.

Muchas danke to Design Milk.

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