Modpools - Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Posted: April 19, 2017
Modpools - Shipping Container Swimming Pools
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Rather the seal him inside a shipping container bound for Abu Dhabi, why not fill that shipping container with water and let Odie dog paddle around inside it with you this summer? Dig up a big hole in your backyard, and Modpools will drop one of its seafaring transporters inside, all swimming pool pimped out with a heater, jets, and mood lighting you can control right from your smartphone.

Available in 8' x 20' or 8' x 40' container sizes, Modpools fit right into the modern / industrial home aesthetic, and carry the additional appeal of being easy to relocate or remove (well, compared to poured concrete in-ground swimming pools.) And since there's no pouring or curing involved, once a Modpool is set in place, you can have it up and running in minutes.

The Modpool heater can increase water temperature by 86 degrees F over the course of an hour in temperatures as low as 15 degrees F, so you can use it to chill without chilling to death all year long. Adding a Modpool divider to the container will create a hot tub section you can keep for the weekend, or permanently.

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