Pendragon's Hearth Dragon Fire Pit

Posted: February 04, 2016
Pendragon's Hearth Dragon Fire Pit
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Melissa Crisp smiths some wicked fire pits. You've seen her stunning (yet slightly twisted) Forest Fire Pit burning through these parts before. And here we have an equally equal parts cool and disturbing example of her work with Pendragon's Hearth.

A flame-spewing dragon encircling the globe brings fantasy's finest to the backyard. You'll have to decide for yourself whether he's good or evil. There to protect you from the neighborhood's bloodthirsty beasts and villainous cats, or to give the kids nightmares and suck all your marshmallows into his incinerating flames.

Crisp custom makes all Pendragon's Hearth Fire Pits, hand cutting them from 1/2" thick American steel and finishing them in a rust patina. The Spheres stand 40" tall and measure 37" in diameter. Basic models are wood-burning, but you can convert them to gas. The Fire Pit Gallery includes a dropdown menu with options for purchasing various types of conversion kits at checkout.

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