Rhino BaseMate Patio Umbrella Base Weight Planter

Posted: May 28, 2020
Rhino BaseMate Patio Umbrella Base Weight Planter
$24.90 - $27.90
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I just hauled 250 pounds of sand from Home Depot to my mama's house so she - oh, I mean I - could put it in her new patio umbrella, and now she sees the Rhino BaseMate patio umbrella base weight planter and is all, Ooh! Pink and purple flowers are so much prettier than brown sand and black plastic. Maybe you could....

Yep. Take the beach back to Home Depot - well, 245 pounds of it, since one of the sandbags had a hole and shot some of its sand sperm into the trunk of my car - and replace it with a Rhino BaseMate. And some chrysanthemums. Plus the stones and dirt she'll (I'll) need to build the base weight planter.

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