SOAK Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Posted: May 11, 2016
SOAK Wood-Fired Hot Tub

"SOAK" is Japanadian for "total body restoration." The BC-based design and fabrication firm Ox + Monkey designed...and fabricated their hot tub after the Japanese Ofuro, a deep soaking tub traditionally made of aromatic organic woods. But while they did line the SOAK interio with slats of red cedar, Ox + Monkey chose to construct the majority of the tub with aluminum and stainless steel, instead calling on wood as a power source to heat its water.

The SOAK is just big enough for 2 people to relax amidst nature's beauty, unwinding from an intense day and contemplating the tub's wondrous synergy of fire and water. Or getting drunk off their asses alongside a bottle of Crown Royal and case of Labatt. The stove sits fully integrated and with side access at one end of the tub, while a stylized storage area for firewood abuts the other. In absence of wood, or for easier use, the SOAK can also heat with propane. Dimensions are 90" long x 32" wide x 34" tall.

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