Star-Shaped Fruit & Veggie Grow Molds

Posted: June 04, 2016
Star-Shaped Fruit & Veggie Grow Molds

Be the star of the party. Show your patriotism on the 4th of July. Use these molds to grow some lemons and give yourself the gold star you never got from your teachers. (How's that for making lemonade, Mrs. Carlson?)

No longer is the trademark of a superstar gardener a front yard brimming with lush flowers or lettuces so crisp you want to pop a squat next to the rabbits and dig in right there too. If you want to be a superstar gardener today, you gotta bring the super star-shaped fruits and veggies to the party. Using Veggie Mold's set of 3 star shapers, green thumbs can achieve this crowd-pleasing twinkle on an array of homegrown produce, including tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, lemons, limes, mandarin oranges, figs, and pears.

Each of the 3.1" molds comes with a 6" twist tie that threads through a hole at the end and secures the mold to your plant, cage, or trellis. Molds should be placed over fruits and vegetables that have started to grow, but are still small enough to fit completely inside the enclosure. Once in place and secured, you got nothing left to do but grab a glass of rose bubbles...uh, I mean triple IPA...and wait for your stars to be born.

As indicated in the photo, star mold maker Veggie Molds also sells heart-shaped molds.

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