Starry Night Sun Shade Sail

Posted: May 04, 2020
Starry Night Sun Shade Sail
$41.96 - $42.96
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Inject some Sandy-Danny levels of romance into those su-u-mer...niii-hiiightsss! with this sail-style sun shade, a triangle canopy studded with a sky full of LED stars. Its fairy lights come in warm yellow and colored styles, with...what? Shut up, dude! You don't get to judge me for making a Grease reference! You haven't been locked in the house with a wife who's watched it 47 times over the past 6 weeks, pretty much any time she's not streaming some Andrew Lloyd Webber monstrosity. And if you had to choose between Grease and Jesus Christ Superstar or some shit where everyone's singing on roller skates, trust me. You'd pick Grease.

So anyway, if we could silence the ill-mannered flapping pieholes, like I was saying: the starry night sun shade sail has 240 integrated LED lights you can cycle through 8 different flashing or solid modes. The lights are solar powered and illuminate automatically when it gets dark.

The canopy itself is a 16' x 16' x 16' triangle that provides up to 95% UV protection and a 90% shading rate.

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