The Human Bowling Ball

Posted: September 17, 2012
The Human Bowling Ball
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Though not quite as cool as the Inflatable Water Ball, I could see the Human Bowling Ball game providing many hours of fun and mild concussions for the whole fam damily. Its transparent PVC ball inflates to 7' in diameter with the help of an included blower. Once inside, human rollers run full speed ahead down the lane until they smash into the game's six, 5'-tall foam pins.

Wait, only six pins? Made of foam? Seriously? And big, billowing bumpers running alongside the lane too? Odds of getting a strike here are, like, 100% every time unless someone's an F up of such monumental proportions that they'd be dead were they not living in the coddling arms, and suckling on the ever-flowing teat of contemporary civilization. And never mind about the concussions. Seems like the worst injury Human Bowling will inflict is on a roller who falls forward and inadvertently bites his tongue on impact. Even the inflatable ball has an easy-to-use zipper for quick entry and, should Bubble boy anxiety ensue, exit.

Geez, what happened to the good ol' days of family games with sharp edges, swallowable parts, and high probabilities of suffocation?

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