The Soil Key - 3-in-1 Trowel, Saw & Hatchet Tool

Posted: January 24, 2022
The Soil Key - 3-in-1 Trowel, Saw & Hatchet Tool
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I wouldn't call the Soil Key a 3-in-1 Trowel, Saw & Hatchet Tool. I'd call it a 4-in-1 Trowel, Saw, Hatchet & Deadpool Symbol Tool. The Deadpool part being the primary reason I'd want to own the Soil Key, since I'm not really one for gardening, or performing physical labor of any sort.

Designed and made by Wilson Alvarez in Lancaster, PA, the Soil Key takes inspiration from the hori-hori Japanese garden knife, a combination straight and serrated blade made for digging and cutting. Alvarez's version is larger than a traditional hori-hori - and much bigger than it looks in the photo above, at 12.5" long x 7" wide, with a 6" blade. He says it is stronger too, plus more ergonomic and versatile in application, thanks to the Deadpool handle that accommodates a lot of different grips, leverages, and angles.

The Soil Key blade is made of AR-400 grade steel, and can take on your full body weight during digging, pounding, and chopping activities without bending.

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