Giant Adirondack Chair

Posted: August 05, 2021
Giant Adirondack Chair
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Your lady's redecorating the patio? Wants to add some chairs to the front porch? Colorado Ski Chairs has the perfect Adirondack chairs to fit any vibe she's going for. And give you some XXL jollies. And make you both feel like you're in Alice in Wonderland or Jack and the Beanstalk or just, like, a really, really big Adirondack chair, which is essentially what this giant Adirondack chair is.

Colorado Ski Chairs make their supersized Adirondacks in heights of 72" or 84". The listing here is for a fire engine red chair - just in case its being 3 times normal size isn't enough of a standout feature for you. Other colors are also available, as are customizations with logos and names / dates in case you want to give a special someone a personalized gift of a giant Adirondack chair.

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