Giant Death Star Beach Ball

Posted: May 04, 2021
Giant Death Star Beach Ball
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This giant Death Star Beach Ball isn't threatening to destroy entire planets, but at 6' in diameter, it could take out a group of small children if you're not careful. I'd mind the yappy dogs and overeager golden doodles around the Galactic pool toy too. It's all fun and games until someone gets concussed by the Dark Side.

The giant Death Star Beach Ball weighs a solid 7 pounds when inflated. Combined with its 6' dimensions, those specs sound like a swell beach challenge in the making to me. The task is simple: try to pick up the Death Star and run with it into the ocean.

The supersized Death Star Beach Ball is possibly the best Star Wars gift I've seen all years, but if you're hoping to win awesome points giving it as a gift to your kids, beware the 6' diameter version of the beach ball isn't recommended for kiddos under 12.

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