Aniva Cosa Transforming Chiminea & Grill

Posted: March 05, 2017
Aniva Cosa Transforming Chiminea & Grill
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Aniva's Cosa lifts, flips, and slides between cooking your raw meat (BBQ), serving your succulent meat (side table), and heating your body meat (fire pit, or chiminea) while you eat it. The transforming grill impressed the judges over at Red Dot enough that they honored it with a 2016 Design Award for its craftiness and pleasing aesthetics.

The bulk of the Cosa is a 2-piece, lightbulb-shaped cast of heat-resistant, powder-coated aluminum. The upper and lower halves are hinged together at center so that during food prep and enjoyment you can flip over the top, slide in the included hardwood insert, and use it as a carving or serving table. The insert even has side notches to hold wine glasses or stabilize sauce bowls.

In grill form, the Cosa has a 19-1/2"-diameter cooking surface, and you can grill lidless with the top half removed, or go full chiminea with the top half in place, and cook in a method that looks more like a pizza oven to me. Also with the top on or off, you can use the Cosa as a warming fire pit.

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