BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box for the Grill

Posted: November 21, 2017
BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box
$112.99 - $159.97
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I do like me some pizza out of a box. Here, BakerStone trades in the cardboard of what we'd normally think of as a pizza box for stone and metal. This is the Pizza Oven Box, so named because BakerStone says it will transform your gas, charcoal, or pellet grill into the equivalent of a real, wood-burning pizza oven.

The Original Pizza Oven Box design enables it to raise and maintain the temperature of outdoor grills to 600 to 800 degrees F within its rectangular confines. There, you'll be able to slide in a homemade, or store-bought frozen, pizza and bake it to desired gourmet doneness in 2 to 4 minutes. BakerStone uses a combination of convective, conductive, and radiant heat to keep cook times short and doneness even.

In addition to pizza, the Original Pizza Oven Box can sear and roast meats, vegetables, and fish, plus bake breads, cookies, and cakes. Sounds good to me. I'll take a plate of each.

BakerStones sells its Original Pizza Oven Box solo, as part of a kit that includes a wooden pizza peel and metal turner, and in a stainless and enamel steel Professional Professional Series oven with 3 heat options.

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