Beefer the 1,500-Degree Grill

Posted: June 09, 2019
Beefer the 1,500-Degree Grill
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A 1,500-degree gas grill wouldn't be my first guess if someone asked what I thought a Beefer is. I'd probably go with protein powder or penis pump. But BBQ sensation whose ceramic gas burner can achieve temperatures heretofore unseen in conventional grills makes sense too. I also like that Beefer describes its 1,500 degrees F of heat output as "no warm breeze."

The German-made Beefer grill uses a propane tank and electric ignition to fire up its burner. Its heat zones go from the high 1,500 at the top down to 900 at the lower side for a perfect sear. You'll also have full heat control with a 10-step regulation system. The stainless steel box design of the grill causes cooking meat juices to drip down into a gastro tray so you can incorporate them into sauces.

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