Colt .45 BBQ Grill

Posted: April 15, 2012
Colt .45 BBQ Grill
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Ready, aim...fire up the grill! What kind of meat are you packin'? BBQ with a bang. Ribs that will knock 'em dead. Your shot at culinary perfection. A stallion in the bedroom, a Colt .45 on the grill. Anyone else? Contributions to this smokin' cache of punnerific ammo? Metalworking virtuoso Randy McKnight conceived and fabricated the Colt .45 grill's barrel and cylinder out of gun blue, heavy-duty steel, and the hand grip out of mahogany. Batwing doors house this Goliath revolver's fuel tank, and a push button spring door at its cylinder release opens to reveal the drippins pot.

Everyone knows earning the title of Pitmaster this summer means hauling out the big guns. True, it may not improve grilling skills, or the 'cue that hits the plate, but the Colt .45 BBQ will inarguably enhance your performance, and create a true spectacle of smoke and fire. As T.I., Soulja Boy, and Lil' Wayne can attest, ain't nothing like a flash of your pistol to intimidate the competition.

Interested in the Colt .45 grill? Click here for McKnight's Etsy listing.

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