Motorcycle Beer Can Chicken Stand

Posted: April 23, 2021
Motorcycle Beer Can Chicken Stand
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What do you get when you put a chicken on a motorcycle? A badass mother clucker ready to ride the flames! Of the grill. While hoisted up on a beer can. And dead and de-feathered, of course.

Etsy shop Tom's RiDICKulous Things is responsible for this line of Motorcycle Beer Can Chicken Stands, and indeed the stainless steel grilling companions merit their inclusion in a shop with that name. Motorcycle enthusiasts, grill masters, chicken lovers, and anyone who digs playing with their food are going to get a kick - and a cluck - out of these American Rider, Canadian Rider, and Flaming Rider chicken stands.

Motorcycles come packed flat, with pieces notched for easy slide-and-lock assembly. They sit on top of your grill or oven grates, with a can holder in the center to position your beer, and in turn your chicken, in the perfect spot to create the dandy visuals of a dead bird ridin' a bike. Yes, the shades are included. Chicken and beer can up the ass sold separately.

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