Slotdog Hot Dog Scorer

Posted: March 09, 2016
Slotdog Hot Dog Scorer
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The Slotdog is Straight. Outta. Compton. Canada. At first glance, this hot dog scorer might seem as unnecessary as the infamous Banana Slicer, and only slightly less ridiculous than the Rollie Egg Dog Maker. It might seem that way at second and third glances too.

But the good folks of Muskoka, Canada assure us the Slotdog is so much more than a superfluous, silly As Seen on TV (or Shark Tank) grilling gadget. For one thing, they say this instant scorer will "make your hot dog look amazing." And even though such things should be non-issues when it comes to a piece of processed meat that's just going to get stuffed inside a giant bun, I have to admit, Slotdog hot dogs do look pretty damn fine. Like dragon scales!

In addition to dog beautification, Slotdog also says it will help cook your meat quicker, directing heat right to its core, and improve its bite quality by creating crispy, caramelized square edges.

But perhaps the best selling point Slotdog has going for it is the scored pockets' ability suck in your preferred hot dog condiments. Ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce will seep into the slots, providing both even distribution and a higher chance that the runny goops won't spurt out the sides and ends of the bun, and onto your lap with each bite.

Slotdog tools are curved rectangular pieces of plastic with criss-crossing blades on the bottom. To use, push the Slotdog down on an uncooked hot dog to your desired depth, and then peel the scored dog away. Repeat on the other side to prevent curling. Then just cook, top, bite, and enjoy, 'eh?

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