Tactical BBQ Apron

Posted: May 29, 2013
Tactical BBQ Apron
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While I do not believe in buying other people gifts in honor of holidays for which they do not also have to buy me a gift, Father's Day is on the horizon, and this Tactical BBQ Apron could perhaps serve the dual purpose of Gift for Dad (apron) and Gift for Me (bombass steaks Dad will make while wearing the apron that probably cost twice as much as the apron itself) so maybe I'd be amenable to purchasing one for this year's celebration of sperm suppliers after all.

ThinkGeek's Tactical BBQ Apron arrives fully-loaded with aids and accessories for entering into grilling battle. The companion's real MOLLE system includes 2 large and 3 smaller pouches, plus a series of hooks and hangers for all tongs, spats, basters, forks, seasoning bombs, Honey Badger BBQ ammo, Colon Cleanser Hot Sauce grenades, and critical communication devices (i.e., your phone).

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