The Grillbot

Posted: March 18, 2013
The Grillbot
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They say the Grillbot, an automatic BBQ cleaner, is fully effective, easy to use, and, my favorite selling point, fun to watch. I mean, grilling season typically coincides with TV rerun season, so hell yeah I'm on the hunt for things that are fun to watch in June, July, and August. I might have to invest in a bigger grill though--I'm thinking 52" with HD grating so I can have my buddies over to sizzle up some burgers and then gather 'round the Weber to behold the Grillbot's 3 high-powered electric motors brush and scrape away all the congealed fat and burnt cheese that gets left behind.

Though Grillbot does require users to lift a finger, it is only to depress a button that wakes up the device's CPU chip and, in turn, activates brush movement and controls speed and direction. A built-in LCD alarm and timer allow for programming cleaning times, and will either beep or scream, "I'm done with your dirty work, you lazy asshole!" when the process is complete. Grillbot packages include 3 wire brushes, which are removable, replaceable, and dishwasher safe.

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