Kijaro Kubie Multi-Use Outdoor Blanket

Posted: October 23, 2018
Kijaro Kubie Multi-Use Outdoor Blanket
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Count the ways you can configure your Kijaro Kubie! This multi-use blanket is shaped to perform 8 unique outdoor functions. They include:

  • Insulated Poncho. Three different poncho set-up options - full, mid-length, or half-length - using the snaps along the Kubie's edge. The hood on top is also fleece-lined for extra warmth.
  • Ground Cover. Like a picnic blanket, with looped corners for staking in place.
  • Sleeping Bag. Fold a Kubie in half and used the attached zipper to slip yourself inside an 86.6" long x 33" wide (while open) sleep sack.
  • Pillow. The Kubie comes with a carry sack. Keep the blanket inside and use it as a 16.9" x 9.1" x 5.5" pillow.
  • Hammock. To use the Kubie as an insulated hammock, find its integrated straps and grab your carabiner and hanging kit. Kijaro has line the Kubie interior with Thermalite. Hammock weight capacity is 250 pounds.
  • Hammock Liner. Prefer the hammock you've already got? Lay the Kubie in the bottom and add some warmth.
  • Under Quilt. The ends of the Kubie can be cinched tight for further insulation.
  • Shade Canopy. Use the attached loops with your choice of guy lines and stakes to set up the Kubie to block out the sun.

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