Krapp Strapp - Pooping in the Woods Assistant

Posted: November 09, 2022
Krapp Strapp - Pooping in the Woods Assistant
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Nothing like dropping a deuce in nature...and then toppling over into it, or perhaps a bunch of leaves and twigs that can't wait to give you an anal probe. The Krapp Strapp says, No more! Not to the pooping in the woods, of course - ye hunters, campers, and hikers can't always help that - but to the awkwardness, the discomfort, and the potential danger of it.

A simple, low tech assistant for taking an off-grid dump, the Krapp Strapp consists of a nylon strap that wraps around a tree or other post, and an adjustable back support harness that takes some of the strength, balance, positioning, and hanging-onto-a tree-with-your-arms requirements out of the process.

In addition to a terrific name and function, the Krapp Strapp has a pair of pockets for storing, and gaining easy access to, toilet paper, a 400-pound weight capacity, and a place on everyone's white elephant gift list this holiday season.

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