LED Air Cube Tent

Posted: May 26, 2023
Inflatable LED Air Cube Tent
$1,750 - $2,750
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White in the light, disco in the night! The makers of the LED Air Cube Tent sum up its appeal nicely: "Fancy and stunning to attract people's eyeballs."

The inflatable shelters come in 5 different sizes (none of which, by the way, are true cubes) all equipped with multi-colored LED wall wash lights you can set and cycle through with the included remote control. An air blower, ropes, and sandbags are also included with the set to get the Air Cube Tent up and secured, so it doesn't deflate and / or collapse and cause a Panic! At The Disco.

LED Air Cube Tents make showy additions to wedding receptions, festivals, super sweet 16 parties, and food / arts events trying to lure people to the booths run by insurance companies and healthcare providers.

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