Bacon-Scented Rubber Flying Disc for Dogs

Posted: April 06, 2022
Bacon-Scented Rubber Flying Disc for Dogs

Does your dog do back flips for bacon? Freak out over flying discs? Well, imagine the total spastic meltdown he's going to have over this bacon-scented rubber flying disc from Kobe. Bacon and fetch together! The Great Hecate / Anubis / Xolotl / St. Bernard / Shih Tzu in the sky finally heard his prayers!

According to Kobe, their scented frisbee is "infused with a tantalizing bacon aroma" that will lure your pup in, and made from a thermoplastic rubber that will go easy on canine canines as they catch, and then try to devour it. The disc is 9-3/4" in diameter.

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