DogEden - Underground Dog House

Posted: February 13, 2018
Check It Out

Wait, is this a DogEden or DogeDen? Or both? And if you like what they did with the name of this underground dog house, check out the video and behold what Miller Pet Products did with the underground dog house itself.

What looks like your standard plastic canine igloo is actually molded with a set of 6 steps and a below-grade, naturally insulated floor to keep Rocky warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No electricity, batteries, solar panels, hookups, bolts, or screws required. Just a sturdy shovel and some digging to get your dog(e)'s palace set in place. And he'll probably be stoked to help you with that part.

In fact, DogEden founder, "Mr. Miller," says his own dog's digging is what gave him the idea for the dog house in the first place - Zeke would dig holes and then lay in them to cool off. Miller then built his first geothermally heated and cooled DogeDen, and Zeke's hole-digging days were over.

Miller says regardless of the temperature above ground - from hot and humid to bitter cold - the DogEden maintains the underground temperature of around 60 degrees, which is suitable for those coated in fur year-round. The unibody house is also designed to be virtually indestructible, plus waterproof. Its door sits 3" above the ground, so even if its surroundings are wet and flooded the interior floor should stay dry.

DogeDen measurements are 36" tall x 36" long x 18" wide, with a 14" tall x 13" wide doorway. Miller recommends it for dogs weighing up to 60 pounds. A larger model is in the works for big dogs, and should be available in Summer 2018.

A final, optional DogEden feature is a tie-out anchor installed on the top of the house, intended for dog owners who don't have fenced-in yards, or otherwise need to secure their dogs outside. The anchor allows for the attachment of several different types of pet industry snaps used with dog cables and ropes. Miller says the DogeDen's anchor is guaranteed to be tangle-free, and your dog won't get wrapped around his house, or drag his house away, while tied to it.

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