RADARCAN Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Posted: August 30, 2023
RADARCAN Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
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At dinner, my Uncle Harry always used to tell me, "Eat what you can, and can what you can't." He thought he was so clever. So now, in speaking of mosquitoes, I say to you, "Eat what you can, and RADARCAN what you can't."

Yeah, I take after Uncle Harry. I think I'm so clever too.

The RADARCAN Mosquito Repeller is a wearable - or a clippable, if you detach it from the wristband - that uses Sonuerit technology to deter the biting bugs. Sonuerit is an ultrasonic type of pest control that eschews chemicals, toxins, and smelly tinctures for a cluster of microelectronics that mimic the flight buzz of male mosquitoes. RADARCAN says this sound scares off female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite. Interesting. Both that the lady mosquitoes are the bloodsuckers, and that, like many a human lady I know, they want nothing to do with loudmouth dudes traveling in a pack.

The RADARCAN Mosquito Repellent Bracelet has a single button that turns it on / off, and adjusts protection intensity. It operates with a single CR2032 battery (included) that lasts up to 10 months with 4 hours per day of use.

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