110dB Lung-Powered Signal Horn

Posted: December 11, 2016
110dB Lung-Powered Signal Horn
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Strictly speaking, Attwood Marine's Bellow Signal Horn is meant for boaters and sailers, a tool to be kept on board for use in alerting others of your presence, or draw attention in emergency situations. You can also use it on land for the same purposes - a call for help when you're lost, an attempt to keep wild animals at bay.


You could take the 100-decibel horn powered purely by your filled-up lungs and puffed-out cheeks to the Monday Night Football game. At your friend Cornelius' house. Pick 6, mother F'ers, brace for impact!

Continuing down the path of mischief, I bet the Signal Bellow Horn would make a terrific Christmas gift for your older brother's 9-year-old. You know, the same brother who used to put a ghetto blaster next to your face in bed and turn on "You Give Live a Bad Name" at max volume to wake you up on Saturday mornings.

The Signal Below Horn requires no CO2, Freon, or batteries to operate. Just a healthy respiratory system (sorry, stoners). It standas 8" tall and measures 3-1/2" wide.

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