Best Made Brass Capsule Stitcher

Posted: August 25, 2018
Best Made Brass Capsule Stitcher
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Got the Brass (Capsule Stitcher) to sew up your torn gear and popped buttons on the fly? Maybe literally on the fly. Or on your tent, pack, or coat when you take this emergency gear repair kit with you into the world.

In true Best Made style, the Stitcher comes as a polished brass capsule housing with a tidy, all-inclusive sewing spike and accessories inside (so, yeah, it's on the heavier side at 7.8 ounces.) The spindle contains a pair of pre-loading bobbins, one with a black mil-spec bonded nylon thread for heavy fabric or leather, the other a lighter red thread for clothing and button replacement.

You'll get 2 x shirting buttons, 1 x pant button, and 1 x miscellaneous button stashed inside the Brass Capsule Stitcher too. Along with: a knurled collet; 2 x bobbin keepers; 3 x hand-sewing needles; 2 x stitcher needles; and 2 x patches of Tenacious Tape for sealing seams or slapping on minor tears to keep them minor.

The Brass Capsule Stitcher is limited-run Best Made production, with each piece marked with a serial number.

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