BISON GEARS Kiridashi Pocket Knife

Posted: February 04, 2019
BISON GEARS Kiridashi Pocket Knife
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Inspired by the Japanese Kiridashi knife, BISON GEARS' Kiridashi Pocket Knife shortens and fattens the classic blade to perfect finger nugget size.

The BISON Kiridashi Knife is made of 8CR13MOV stainless steel, with a 0.2" thickness, and 1.38" x 2.46" dimensions. Overall weight is 0.15 ounces. The single bevel blade design extends into a finger ring for a steady grip while holding the knife and putting it to good use sharpening pencils by hand.

The BISON Kiridashi Knife seeks backing on Kickstarter through March 1, 2019. Pledge for the blade and get your choice of 5 different colors of SAYA case to protect and pivots the knife.

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