Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp

Posted: June 28, 2023
Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp
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The only thing scarier than mountaineering is mountaineering in the pitch dark, but I still support ownership of Black Diamond's Distance 1500 Headlamp, because those 1500 long-range lumens could also benefit non-adventurers during power outages, nighttime searches for runaway pets, and extreme shadow puppet shows for the kids.

Though Black Diamond does note they made the Distance 1500 Headlamp for "fast-paced, overnight endurance pushes and moving through technical terrain at night," so it still probably works best as gear for those annoying gung-ho outdoorsmen, or a gift for an extreme athlete.

The 1500-lumen setting is obviously the Distance 1500's max lumen setting, and it's instantly accessible by pushing the PowerTap button on the headlamp's rim. However, unless customized, this godlike burst of power stays on for just 10 seconds to help you get your sight bearings before returning to its previous setting of 300 or 600 lumens. This feature helps save battery life, and the concept of nighttime.

A single full battery on the Distance 1500 Headlamp lasts 8 hours at 300 lumens, and 2 full batteries will last the same amount of time at 600 lumens. Additional headlamp features include a multi-faceted lens light lens that maintains wearer depth perception, a rear red flasher light, IP67 waterproof rating, and a contoured, cushioned Black Diamond Comfort Cradle that won't bounce, and is designed for all-night comfort.

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