Bulletproof Clipboard

Posted: November 25, 2013

Know why I need a bulletproof clipboard? The same reason I need a tactical beer mug: so that I'm prepared the 1 in 1,000,000 times I need to go Jason Bourne in protecting and defending myself, and so that I'm prepared the 999,999 in 1,000,000 times I just need something righteous to hold my Bud Light Lime/drawings of unicorns eating baby back ribs. Also, once my friend Cornelius sees what I put in his shampoo and conditioner bottles while he was away on his first weekend trip with the vegan girlfriend, I might need a bulletproof clipboard to protect me from the gatling gun's worth of rubber bands he's going to fire at me.

Hardwire's 10" x 13" bulletproof clipboard weighs only 1 pound, but can absorb multiple rounds of ammo from any handgun or shotgun without ricochet or injury. Weapons successfully tested in the above video range from a 9mm to a .44 Magnum. Clipboards come in carbon fiber or camouflage finishes.

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