CircSaw Compact Folding Hand Saw

Posted: March 08, 2017
CircSaw Compact Folding Hand Saw
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Welcome to Circ de Saw-lay, where IDL Tools' acrobatic strongman will slice through slabs of wood and pipes of PVC, fold itself completely in half to form a compact little disc, and slip onto your tool belt, teeth covered and tucked away, for safe and easy carry.

The folding CircSaw flips open to reveal a 5" arc blade IDL says is designed to resist bending and flexion, and keep cuts on the straight and narrow. Further, the handsaw's tri-beveled teeth gnaw on both your push and pull strokes for faster cutting. You can use the tool on wood, plastic, PVC, cement board, drywall, and the Texas rib-eye your girlfriend's old man cooked to well done. "What's the matter, son? You're not some sort of vegetarian, are ya?"

Folded the CircSaw measures 6-3/4", and unfolded 11-1/2".

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